Monday, 19 March 2012

Key Factors Essencial For Writing Effective Bulk SMS In SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing in marketing and advertising industry is being very prominent these days and now it has become an essential part of it. This service is being adopted by small business organizations to large scale business organizations and also by government sectors. SMS Marketing is effective marketing technique as its easy to use, cost saving and really helpful to target local and global market in terms of giving an offer, promoting a product or service or to resolve any query

So we have known quite familiar with the advantages of sms marketing. SMS marketing can give a target ROI if it is performed in a very strategic way and writing sms for marketing is also an important step of it. As if sms writing is not done in proper manner then all efforts for doing bulk sms marketing will be devastated.

Here are some key factors that we can keep in mind while writing effective sms in sms marketing.

1) Message should be small: - People always like to read short and sweet messages. So try to keep your message small as it will help your customers to read a message in a single click.

2) Message should be precise: - Message should be specific rather than being general. As specific message fulfill customer’s need to great extent so try to write specific message.

3) Message should be written in simple language: - Always try to write your message in simple language as it’s really effective and easy to readable. And don’t use abbreviation, jargon, a foreign phrase and a scientific word in your message as it may create confusion.

4) Message should contain quality content: - Here quality of content is related to text, which should contain an attention grabbing head line follows with your product’s features, its benefits and end with an ideal out come for your customers.

5) Message should contain call to action text: - Call to action text will help you to generate sales lead and give you high ROI. So always use CTA in your message text.

6) Message should be interactive: - Interactive messages help in increasing customer’s involvement and also in increasing ROI. This interaction can be achieved through sms campaign. So you can try sms campaign to get effective sms marketing.

7) Message should be personalized: - people always like to get attention and personalized message helps in fulfilling this wish. So try to use personalized message by using customer’s name in message text.

8) Message should be able to fulfill your customer’s requirement: - Your message should be complete and contain all the necessary information about your product or services. This feature will help your customer to take quick decision in term of buying your products or service.

9) Message should contain attractive offer: - Generally attractive offers can be given in terms of discounts on products, coupons, free trial and free credit, help in increasing ROI. So try to write attractive offers in your messages.

10) Message should be able to deliver trust on your service or product: - Your message should contain a text what you are going to deliver. Never try to hidden any charge that you are applying. Always try to give what you are showing in your message.

So these are some useful factors which can help you to write effective sms and thus improving your customer relationship, increasing ROI, help you in providing prompt services and finally a Successful bulk sms marketing.

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