Friday, 20 January 2012

SMS Marketing, a new trend in marketing scenario

SMS Marketing, a well known term in the field of marketing, is rapidly spreading these days.

In today scenario it is a boon for many business organizations, and also being an important part of their marketing and promotional activities. 

It is a time and money efficient marketing and this is the basic reason why organizations are pretty curious to adapt SMS Marketing. This marketing service is generally used by the business organizations to market a product or a service, to be in touch with their customers, employees, groups and others. 

As nowadays people are using mobiles and smart phones more so, it is easy and profitable for businesses to update their customers via SMS marketing. This not only fulfills their business needs but also save the time and revenue.

SMS Marketing has several benefits and because this it has become an essential part of integrated marketing communication. Here are some advantages as below: - 

1) Time Effective: - SMS Marketing is very time effective, with these marketing, organizations can send their message within a few seconds or more than within a minute.  

2) Rational: - As compare to other marketing services, it is very economical. Organizations should have to spend very little money as compare to other marketing services. So it is economic in nature.  

3) Planetary Reach: - This service provides global reach to business organizations, and thus
Provides great scope to their businesses. And because of this, it is also known as Global SMS and Web SMS Marketing. 

4) A Great CRM tool: - SMS Marketing also works as an effective CRM tool, as it helps in getting in touch with target customers and make a very great relationship with them.

5) Cash Cow: - It is great cash cow, as with this marketing we can interact with customers by using call to action (free coupon, discount scheme and many more) and can generate high revenue. So it’s a great Cash Cow, which provides great return on investment.  

Summarizing, SMS Marketing helps the business organizations to keep their target customers, provides high ROI and also helps in advertisement of products or services. For more information on SMS Marketing, Bulk SMS Services, Global SMS Services, SMS Marketing Services you can click here.


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